PetroBase WellBore Schematic

Construct scaled wellbore diagrams and build comprehensive well files to keep on top of vital data and activity.

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, WellBore Schematic

PetroBase WellBore Schematic is a shared application for tracking vital data throughout a well’s history.

Construct powerful wellbore schematics, scaled from key entries such as completion intervals, casing setting depths, cement parameters, tubing data, remedial cement squeezes, fluid levels and other downhole information.

You get more than just an accurate reflection of the wellbore. Building a comprehensive well file is effortless with WellBore Schematic.

You can create a one page snapshot of a well’s history, including:

  • Significant Drilling & Workover Entries
  • Failure Activity
  • Well Lifting Cost
  • Well Status
  • Notes & Recommendations
  • Surface & Downhole Equipment
  • Production Tests

Save Time & Money While Optimizing Operations

Identifying problem wells and generating a variety of reports is just a click away with WellBore Schematic. Daily drilling and workover reports are generated to be emailed to partners while key entries will be posted on the schematic. Staying on top of inactive wells and performing lifting cost analysis will save time and money while optimizing operations.



  • Share Operational Data Company Wide
  • Generate Drilling & Workover Reports
  • View Historical Well Data
  • Record Notes & Recommendations
  • Run API-RP11L Sucker Rod Design

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