About Petrobase

PetroBase software solutions help oil and gas companies achieve superior business performance by streamlining their operations.

PetroBase is passionate about creating software solutions for efficient analysis in the Oil & Gas industry. It is our mission to produce innovative tools to streamline operations, increase your knowledge base, and provide a basis for effective decisions.

Operational data is an essential asset to all companies. Ultimately, better data management leads to superior business performance. 

The PetroBase Story

What started as a dream to streamline oil and gas operations has grown into a family owned and operated oilfield software solutions provider.

PetroBase founder Kyle Stephenson, a petroleum engineer, worked with international oil companies prior to privately owning, operating, and consulting in the U.S. Oil & Gas industry.

In 1984, Kyle graduated the top of his class with a BS in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Kansas. His career started as a Production Engineer for Texaco. Two years later, he was promoted to Reservoir Engineer in Midland, Texas, and soon after to Senior Engineer in Odessa, Texas.

Kyle was enjoying his work in the corporate Oil & Gas world when his father became very ill. In 1987, Kyle returned home to Wichita, Kansas to run his family’s oil company.

By 2000, Kyle was looking for a new direction. He still loved the Oil & Gas industry but wanted to play a new role in the field he had devoted his career to. Most of all, he wanted to share his wealth of knowledge with others. He began engineering consulting.

In consulting for multiple oil companies, Kyle kept seeing inefficiencies in operations that he knew he could eliminate by creating a centralized oilfield management database. After working diligently for several years, PetroBase Pro software was created. 


Kyle immediately began seeing the benefit of PetroBase Pro for his consulting clients, and realized the demand for an affordable customized product operators could use in their day-to-day decision making. At the same time, word of PetroBase spread among local independent oil operators. Kyle began offering PetroBase Pro for sale.

He quickly ended up with more work than he had expected and began to look for help. James, Kyle’s son, had grown up in the age of computers and although he never imagined a career in computer science while studying civil engineering at KU, he was eager to help with the growth of PetroBase.

James began in 2013 by learning database design and software development as well as the ins and outs of the oil business. After providing support and updates for PetroBase Pro and helping turn WellBore Schematic into a separate program, James began creating another program to map, view, and analyze state provided production and well data. PetroBase Explorer was up and running for Kansas by 2014, but when it came to Oklahoma the data proved to be much more vast.

There were only two choices—push forward or give up. The PetroBase team chose to persevere. Thanks to hard work and dedication, PetroBase Explorer now provides Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas oil and gas production and well data. Explorer will expand to more states in the months to come.​

Client Testimonials

This software is easy to use. It is easy for the pumpers to input the raw data, and it is easy for the office staff to find and use the information. Reports are fairly easy to customize, and data entry is very user friendly.

-Stacy W, Office Manager

The PetroBase team is always a phone call away and I can depend on him to resolve any issues that rarely confront me. Online meetings with the team allow us to remotely take charge of the program as they instruct us on how to resolve issues. PetroBase if the best tool for maintaining the pace we operate on.

-Brent R., Production Administrator

Overall our experience as been great so far. The staff at Petrobase are extremely helpful with technical questions that may come up. We honestly put our selves in a tough spot, by implementing this new system at the same time were rolling 300+ new wells into our production from an acquisition. It has been a challenge merging all the info from our original system and the company we bought out, but the PetroBase team has been great at bringing everything together. In just the first weeks of use, we have used some the analysis tools to identify over $20000 in expenses that normally would have required someone days of comparative analysis of chemical programs to chemical bills to identify as being in excess.

-Brent H., Production Support

We were one of the early adopters of PetroBase. And have seen it become what it is now. We use it extensively for production data accounting and bring in LOE information from our accounting software to leverage PetroBase's ability to take a hard look at lifting cost. This has kept us viable through tough times in the industry.

-Leevi W., Vice President

We love the ease in retrieving reports that are crucial for every day monitoring in the oil and gas production industry. The Oil Renditions alone have saved us hours and hours of key time in the first quarter of the year for tax reporting.

-Sharon F., Administrator

Petrobase has gotten us to integrate all the well data in one database where the office staff and field guys have easy access to it. Everyone, I believe, has embraced it and realized it's value and we are all working to put more data into it.

-John F., President

With PetroBase Explorer, we have been able to fairly easily identify and valuate potential production acquisitions that would have taken much much longer before. PetroBase Pro has allowed us to evaluate our own production and identify cost savings opportunities.

-Nick H., President

PetroBase will continue to grow and work diligently to remain a reliable source for oilfield software and data solutions.