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PetroBase offers three distinct solutions for managing, researching and tracking data throughout a well’s history.

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PetroBase Explorer

Make more informed decisions with the ultimate data mining and analysis tool for oil and gas data. Explorer puts scores of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas well and production data at your fingertips for you to map, view, analyze and track with ease. Research that once took hours or days to digest from multiple sources can be performed in minutes with PetroBase Explorer.
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PetroBase Pro

Streamline every aspect of your operations with a business intelligence solution that’s custom-built for your company. This complete oil and gas management software integrates economic, production and operational data in a single application for powerful analysis that empowers efficient solutions. Identify workovers, diagnose anomalies, and recapture time and money with PetroBase Pro.
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WellBore Schematic

Create and share wellbore diagrams, scaled from key entries such as completion intervals, casing setting depths, fluid levels, and other downhole information for a one page snapshot of a well’s history. Building a comprehensive well file is effortless with WellBore Schematics.

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See what PetroBase software can do for your company by downloading the capabilities overview for PetroBase Explorer or PetroBase Pro.

Oil & Gas Software Solutions – Homepage
Oil & Gas Software Solutions – Homepage

Successful clients

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Client Testimonials

This software is easy to use. It is easy for the pumpers to input the raw data, and it is easy for the office staff to find and use the information. Reports are fairly easy to customize, and data entry is very user friendly.

-Stacy W, Office Manager

The PetroBase team is always a phone call away and I can depend on him to resolve any issues that rarely confront me. Online meetings with the team allow us to remotely take charge of the program as they instruct us on how to resolve issues. PetroBase if the best tool for maintaining the pace we operate on.

-Brent R., Production Administrator

Overall our experience as been great so far. The staff at Petrobase are extremely helpful with technical questions that may come up. We honestly put our selves in a tough spot, by implementing this new system at the same time were rolling 300+ new wells into our production from an acquisition. It has been a challenge merging all the info from our original system and the company we bought out, but the PetroBase team has been great at bringing everything together. In just the first weeks of use, we have used some the analysis tools to identify over $20000 in expenses that normally would have required someone days of comparative analysis of chemical programs to chemical bills to identify as being in excess.

-Brent H., Production Support

We were one of the early adopters of PetroBase. And have seen it become what it is now. We use it extensively for production data accounting and bring in LOE information from our accounting software to leverage PetroBase's ability to take a hard look at lifting cost. This has kept us viable through tough times in the industry.

-Leevi W., Vice President

We love the ease in retrieving reports that are crucial for every day monitoring in the oil and gas production industry. The Oil Renditions alone have saved us hours and hours of key time in the first quarter of the year for tax reporting.

-Sharon F., Administrator

Petrobase has gotten us to integrate all the well data in one database where the office staff and field guys have easy access to it. Everyone, I believe, has embraced it and realized it's value and we are all working to put more data into it.

-John F., President

With PetroBase Explorer, we have been able to fairly easily identify and valuate potential production acquisitions that would have taken much much longer before. PetroBase Pro has allowed us to evaluate our own production and identify cost savings opportunities.

-Nick H., President

There’s hidden treasure in your data, with the power to inform million-dollar decisions. We’ll help you find it.

In Oil and Gas, you have million-dollar decisions resting on your shoulders. PetroBase oilfield software solutions empower you with data to make informed decisions faster, with increased confidence.

Go beyond lease lines and discover untapped opportunities. Unearth inefficiencies and identify operational changes that can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. That’s what we call hidden treasure, and we’re committed to helping you find it with software solutions you’ll find indispensable.

PetroBase creates standard and customized oilfield software solutions that help small to mid-sized independent Oil and Gas Exploration & Production (E&P) companies discover their inefficiencies, enhance their operations, and find the hidden treasure within their data. While PetroBase has different products that vary around application, our oil and gas software solutions as a whole help Oil and Gas E & P companies streamline every aspect of their operations.

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