PetroBase Explorer Analysis Options

Make quicker and more informed decisions with PetroBase Explorer’s slate of analysis tools. Project future cash flows based on historical oil and gas production with decline curve analysis. Discover production characteristics on grouped properties with normalized type curves, total production plots, or individual plots.

Decline Curve Analysis

Perform decline curves rapidly and generate detailed cash flow projections.


  • Auto Curve Fit Regression
  • Accurately Forecast Reserves
  • Generate Ultimate Recoveries
  • Save Declines
  • Composite Analysis
  • Time Saving Global Overrides

Production Plotting

Review production characteristics on an individual well or a group of properties to understand trends, patterns and operational influence.


  • Normalized Type Curves
  • Grouped Plots
  • Individual Production Plots
  • Unique Lease Report

Cash Flow Projections

Generate decline curves to determine the economic viability of a well with cash flow projections. Determine remaining reserves, cash flows and net present values.


  • Present Worth Profile
  • Cumulative Cash Flow
  • Remaining Reserves
  • Ultimate Recoveries
  • Discounted Cash Flows
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