PetroBase Explorer Well Data Software

Make quicker, more informed decisions with the ultimate data mining and analysis tool for oil & gas data.

Go beyond lease lines and discover untapped opportunities. PetroBase Explorer puts scores of oil and gas production data at your fingertips for you to map, view, analyze and track with clarity and ease. The research that once took hours or days of delving into multiple sources can be performed in minutes with PetroBase Explorer

Google Maps Integration

Visualize production and well data with Google Maps integration. Identify trends, patterns and anomalies with a variety of mapping layers. Select a well to instantly view completion information, production and well forms.

Multiple Analysis Options

Make quicker and more informed decisions with a variety of analysis tools. Project future cash flows based on historical oil and gas production data with decline curve analysis, and discover production characteristics with grouped or individual plots.

Areas of Interest

Never miss another well drilling and completion, intent, spud, or transfer! Create areas of interest to receive weekly updates on activities, including but not limited to new state well filings and well completions data.

Get the PetroBase Explorer Capabilities Overview

Find out how PetroBase Explorer makes it easy to find your hidden treasure by putting all of the oil and gas production data at your fingertips.

Through our cloud-based interface, you can easily navigate oil and gas well records and perform highly detailed work with our suite of analysis tools.



What states can this well data software cover?

We currently offer well data packages for Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.


Skip the OCC Well Search and quickly explore and data mine through Oklahoma’s 490,000+ production and well records using advanced search criteria.

Easily explore and data mine into Kansas’ 485,000+ oil, gas, salt water disposal and injection wells using advanced criteria searches.

Explore and data mine through Texas’ 1.3 million production and well records with ease instead of using the Texas Railroad Commission Well Search.

Who can benefit from PetroBase Explorer well data software?

    Explorer derives its well and production data from a variety of sources for users to map, view and analyze. Users can also track new activity and export data to third party software packages. This makes Explorer a valuable data management tool for anyone in the Oil & Gas industry.

    E&P Geologists
    E&P Engineers
    Office/Field Personnel
    Investors and Royalty Owners
    Service Companies

    The Explorer Advantage

    Explorer goes beyond the typical well data software. Here are just a few ways it can help you make data-driven decisions efficiently and effectively.

    Generate Oil & Gas Production Plots, Normalized Type Curves, Well Completions Data & Intents Reports, and Many More
    Generate interactive production plots, decline curve analysis, normalized type curves, well completion data and intents, and various other reports in seconds while data mining through state oil and gas data.
    Monitor Offsetting Production, Well Completions Data, New Lease Activity, or Well Intents

    Monitor offsetting oil and gas production, track new production and well activity, and oil and gas completions. Export well and production data to third party oil and gas software packages. Create areas of interest to receive weekly updates on activity in the areas you want to know about.

    Visualize Well Locations & Production Characteristics

    Generate well spot locations, well IP maps, production bubble maps, and reference production plots using Google Maps.

    All data is derived from third party public sources. The accuracy of data cannot be guaranteed. Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from PetroBase, LLC does so at their own risk.

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