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Texas Oil & Gas Well Data Software

The Texas Oil & Gas landscape is vast. Thankfully, there’s PetroBase Explorer to help you navigate it with ease.

PetroBase Explorer is the ultimate data mining tool for Texas Oil & Gas, localizing multiple data sources for production and well data into a single application. With Explorer, you no longer have to spend countless hours digging through Texas RRC well search results, Texas oil and gas well databases, well data libraries, and multiple other data sources.

Users can quickly explore Texas’ leases and wells using advanced search criteria including:

  • Production Rates
  • Cumulative Production
  • Production Type
  • Well Type & Status
  • Well Operator
  • Zone, County, Section, Block, Survey, Abstract
  • Completion Date
  • Lease Stop Year

Searches can be viewed using Google Maps and data can be exported to third party software systems.

Users can perform quick analysis with production plots, normalized type curves, and well reports. In addition, users can customize decline curve analysis variables to create cash flow analysis at the click of a button.

All data is derived from third party public sources. The accuracy of data cannot be guaranteed. Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from PetroBase, LLC does so at their own risk.

Texas Oil & Gas Well Data Package Includes

  • Multi-Sourced Weekly Updated Production Data
  • Advanced Mapping Options
  • Personalized Areas of Interest
  • Unlimited Data Exports
  • Rich Analysis Features Including Decline Curve Analysis, Total Production Plots, Normalized Type Curves & Group Production Plots
PetroBase will continue to grow and work diligently to remain a reliable source for oilfield software and data solutions.