Kyle Stephenson

Petroleum Engineer, Software Developer

Kyle, son of Larry G. Stephenson, grew up in the oil business. Larry was a geologist and Kansas Independent Oil Producer. Larry had an entrepreneurial spirit which led him to run several oil companies, raise and race quarter horses, and develop a neighborhood in Wichita, KS.

At the age of 12, inspired by the Olympics, Kyle began competitive swimming. Following his father’s footsteps Kyle set off for the University of Nebraska to study geology and swim for the university. While at Nebraska, Kyle married his high school sweetheart Natalie. After 2 ½ years at Nebraska Kyle transferred to the University of Kansas to study Petroleum Engineering and graduated top of his class.

After college, Kyle and Natalie moved to Odessa, TX to start their careers and family. From 1984 – 1992 Kyle worked for Texaco as a Field Engineer, Reservoir Engineer, and Senior Engineer. When Kyle’s father’s health declined Kyle and his young family moved back to Wichita, KS to run his father’s businesses.

​Kyle has 35+ years of experience in the oil business. He started PetroBase, LLC to share his knowledge of the oil industry with others. If Kyle’s not working on PetroBase you can find Kyle at the gym, competing in national masters swim meets, taking care of his trees and gardens, or spending time with family and friends. ​​