In this month’s Oklahoma New & Notable Well report we have a few properties that are still hanging around, however, several new completions make the top 25 list for oil and gas. A Roger Mills county completion, in the Upper Granite Wash (Des Moines), appears to be a great asset, FREEZEOUT 17X 1126-1H. This well was completed 12/18 and is producing 1206 bopd (barrel of oil per day) & 1401 mcfpd (thousand cubic feet gas per day).

Newfield Exploration’s SAWYER 1613 1H-27X is a notable property. The crude oil production on the Sawyer fell from a peak of 20,783 bopm(barrels oil per month) to 2,267 bopm. In March, production was increased to 23,207 bopm. This is a well to watch, an interesting spike in production, maybe something to dig into a little deeper… Anyone have the answer? Let us know in the comments.

​The Last set of properties that need mentioning are Continental Resource’s Simba wells; there are seven horizontal Woodford completions. Three of the wells made it on the gas New & Notable report. Combined these wells are producing just shy of 3,000,000 mcfpm.

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(well IP bubble Map with Laterals)

SAWYER 1613 1H-27X

(Decline Curve analysis & Cashflow projections)

SIMBA Horizontal Woodford Wells

(Composite Gas production plot)

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