Oil & Gas Software Solutions

Oil & Gas Software Solutions

Power your decision making and streamline operations by exploring the hidden treasure in your data.

In Oil & Gas, you have million dollar decisions on your shoulders. PetroBase oilfield software solutions empower you to make informed decisions with confidence…faster.


Go beyond lease lines and discover untapped opportunities. Unearth inefficiencies and identify operational changes that can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. That’s what we call hidden treasure, and we’re committed to helping you find it.

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Oil and Gas E&P Software Solutions

Oil & Gas Software Solutions

PetroBase Explorer

The ultimate data mining and analysis tool for oil & gas data. Explorer puts scores of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas well and production data at your fingertips for you to map, view, analyze and track with ease. The research that once took hours or days of delving into multiple sources can be done in minutes with PetroBase Explorer.


  • Make quicker and more informed decisions. Project future cash flows based on historical data with decline curve analysis, and discover production characteristics with grouped or individual plots.
  • Never miss another well intent, spud, completion or transfer. Create areas of interest to receive weekly updates on activities.
  • Visualize production and well data with Google Maps integration. Identify trends, patterns and anomalies with a variety of mapping layers. Select a well to instantly view completion information, production and well files.
Oil & Gas Software Solutions

PetroBase Pro

Streamline every aspect of your operations with a business intelligence solution that’s custom-built for your company. This complete oil & gas management software integrates economic, production and operational data in a single application for powerful analysis that empowers efficient solutions. Identify workovers, diagnose anomalies, and recapture time and money. Operational reports that once took a week to complete can be prepared in seconds with PetroBase Pro.​


  • Engineers have access to integrated expense, operational, and production reports.
  • Owners and managers can view dashboards or obtain snapshot overviews to get a company-wide perspective.
  • Foremen have access to wellbore diagrams and history reports.
  • Support staff can email progress reports with ease to partners and complete other administrative tasks.

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Discover the hidden treasure in your data. Discover PetroBase.

Call (316) 755-6850 or shoot us a message to get the conversation started. We’ll listen to your needs and answer any questions you have about our software solutions. If you’d like a free Explorer trial or a demo, we’ll get you set up.

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